The MII Research Partners Program facilitates the development of strong, close working relationships between MII faculty members and industry members. Special benefits include:

  • Complimentary consulting services live or through video conferencing
  • Complimentary or discounted tuition for the web-based training modules
  • The means to facilitate specimen testing and interpretation. 

Membership is available at several levels, each carrying a specific number of complimentary or reduced-fee benefits. For detailed information, please see the Levels of Support below.

If your company is interested in joining MII as a Research Partner or you need additional details on this or other programs, contact MII by phone at (540) 231-6824 or by e-mail at

Levels of Support

Industry members include all companies contributing funds to the Institute. Depending on the level of contribution, companies are identified as Contributing, Supporting, or Sustaining. Industry members have tangible benefits not available to non-member companies. Levels of support and related benefits are described in the table below.

  Contributing ($10,000/year) Supporting ($25,000/year)  Sustaining ($40,000/year)
Complimentary tuition to web-based training modules 2 4 6
Reduced Tuition Fees for Web-based training (%)
Yes Yes Yes
Complimentary Short Course Registrations (per year)
1 2 3
Reduced Registration fees for Institute Short Courses (%)
2 4 6
Networking Opportunities across MII and the entire University
Yes Yes Yes
Invitations to Seminars and other MII events
Yes Yes Yes
Personal Assistance in hiring summer interns and permanent employees
Yes Yes Yes
Named Graduate Student Fellowship
No Yes Yes
Option to have Industrial Representative on graduate student committees
No Yes Yes

*To Facilitate enhanced interactions, companies funding significant research through the institute will automatically become a “Contributing Member” and a one-level upgrade, with the exception of the named student award
**The “Supporting Membership” level will be assigned to any company that provides a graduate fellowship.
***The well-known polymer science short courses are administered by the American Chemical Society, not MII.

Membership Terms of Agreement

The membership fee is a charitable contribution to the Virginia Tech Foundation, but dedicated to, and controlled by MII.  There will be no contractual agreement. The timing of membership payments may be negotiated. 

Continuing education courses are self-supporting through registration fees. These courses are open to non-members at full cost. 

For further information, contact MII at