Stakeholder Committee

Professor Stefan Duma in his Helmet Lab in ICTAS.

Stefan Duma

Director, ICTAS
Chair, Stakeholder Committee

David Clark headshot

David E. Clark

Department Head, Materials Science and Engineering

David Cox headshot

David F. Cox

Department Head, Chemical Engineering

Karen DePauw headshot

Karen DePauw

Vice President and Dean for Graduate Education

Alan Esker, Chem

Alan Esker headshot

Alan Esker

Chair, Department of Chemistry

Alan L. Grant, CALS

Alan Grant

Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Tim Long

Timothy E. Long

Director, MII

Vice President for Research and Innovation

Robert Moore headshot

Robert B. Moore

Director, MACR Degree Program

Sally Morton headshot

Sally Morton

Dean, College of Science

Julia Ross headshot

Julia Ross

Dean, College of Engineering

Dwight Shelton headshot

Dwight Shelton

Vice President for Finance & Chief Financial Officer

Robert Smith headshot

Robert Smith

Department Head, Sustainable Biomaterials

Chris Williams headshot

Christopher Williams

Associate Director, MII

Paul Winistorfer headshot

Paul Winistorfer

Dean, College of Natural Resources and Environment