David Clark headshot

David E. Clark

Department Head, Materials Science and Engineering
Email: dclark@vt.edu

David Cox headshot

David F. Cox

Department Head, Chemical Engineering
Email: dfcox@vt.edu

Karen DePauw headshot

Karen DePauw

Vice President and Dean for Graduate Education
Email: kpdepauw@vt.edu

Professor Stefan Duma in his Helmet Lab in ICTAS.

Stefan Duma

Director, ICTAS
Chair, Stakeholder Committee
Email: duma@vt.edu

Alan Esker, Chem

Alan Esker headshot

Alan Esker

Chair, Department of Chemistry
Email: aesker@vt.edu

Alan L. Grant, CALS

Alan Grant

Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Email: algrant@vt.edu

Tim Long

Timothy E. Long

Director, MII
Email: telong@vt.edu

Theresa Mayer, Vice President for Research and Innovation, Link, Business Engagement Center

Theresa Mayer

Vice President for Research and Innovation
Email: tsmayer@vt.edu

Robert Moore headshot

Robert B. Moore

Director, MACR Degree Program
Email: rbmoore3@vt.edu

Sally Morton headshot

Sally Morton

Dean, College of Science
Email: scmorton@vt.edu

Julia Ross headshot

Julia Ross

Dean, College of Engineering
Email: deaneng@vt.edu

Dwight Shelton headshot

Dwight Shelton

Vice President for Finance & Chief Financial Officer
Email: mdsjr@vt.edu

Robert Smith headshot

Robert Smith

Department Head, Sustainable Biomaterials
Email: rsmith4@vt.edu

Chris Williams headshot

Christopher Williams

Associate Director, MII
Email: cbwill@vt.edu

Paul Winistorfer headshot

Paul Winistorfer

Dean, College of Natural Resources and Environment
Email: pwinisto@vt.edu