Become an Affiliated Faculty Member

Macromolecules Innovation Institute (MII) is an interdisciplinary group committed to continuing the growth and advancing the stature of the existing, highly-ranked macromolecular science and engineering program at Virginia Tech. Faculty members who have demonstrated research interest in the polymer field will be given priority.

How do I become affiliated with MII?

Provide a 1-2 page statement of interest and your CV to the Director, Associate Director, and MACR Program Director. The statement should highlight your polymer research and expected contributions to MII. 

The directors will vote on the application and be in contact.

Faculty Testimonials

“I joined Virginia Tech in 1972 when James Wightman, Thomas Ward, and Art Fricke were the only ones working with polymers. While on sabbatical in 1976, James McGrath was hired and he immediately recruited Garth Wilkes. Returning from sabbatical, I joined in the founding footsteps of the Polymer Materials and Interfaces Lab (PMIL), which would later become MII, trying to contribute the perspective of natural plant materials and learning about polymers and materials science. That changed my life! I moved from small molecule chemistry to polymers and materials, thanks to PMIL. McGrath, Wilkes, Ward, Wightman (and initially Fricke) were members of many of my early students' graduate committees with great impact. I am forever grateful to that group for their mentorship and support!” - Wolfgang Glasser, professor emeritus, Department of Sustainable Biomaterials

"Virginia Tech has one of the longest and most august histories in polymer chemistry. Many big names in polymer chemistry have come through here, not just the professors but the people who’ve trained here too." - Michael Schulz, assistant professor, Department of Chemistry