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    Haibo Huang
    Haibo Huang , bio

    Associate Professor: Food Processing, Fermentation Engineering, Process Simulation and Economic Analysis

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    Dr. Joseph E. Marcy
    Joseph Marcy , bio

    Professor: Food Processing and Packaging, Food Chemistry, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, Aseptic Packaging

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    Yifan Cheng
    Yifan Cheng , bio

    Assistant Professor: Food Packaging, Food Process Engineering, Food Safety, Antimicrobial Nanostructures for Food Contact Surfaces, Intelligent Packaging

Department Name Rank Email
Architecture and Design
Joe Wheeler Professor
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    Dr. Gary D. Seidel
    Gary D. Seidel , bio

    Assistant Department Head for Academic Affairs, (540) 231-9897,

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    Professor Michael Philen
    Michael Philen , bio

    Assistant Department Head for Laboratory Facilities, (540) 231-2548,

Department Name Rank Email Lab Website
Computer Science Layne Watson Professor Laboratory for Advanced Scientific Computing and Applications
Name Rank and Affiliation Email
Matthew Hull Program Manager, ICTAS
Steve McKnight Vice President for National Capital Region, Affiliated Faculty of the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics

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Joseph Wheeler

Schools of Architecture and Design

Joseph Wheeler

Schools of Architecture and Design

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