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Solvay Seminar Series

Fall 2021 Solvay Seminar Series

The Fall 2021 Solvay Seminar Series will include a mix of in-person and virtual talks. In-person seminars will also have an option to join virtually.

Please check this page often, as seminar details may be updated throughout the semester.

Speaker, Institution

Seminar Title



Edwin Chan, NIST “Impulsive Deformation and Puncture of Soft Materials” September 8, 11:15 AM Virtual (Zoom)
Christoph Schick, University of Rostock, Germany “Polymer crystallization and nucleation: New insights from fast scanning calorimetry” September 15, 11:15 AM Virtual (Zoom)
Stefan Mecking, University of Konstanz, Germany “Catalytic Routes to Main-Chain Functionalized Polyolefins from Plant Oils for Closed Loop Recycling and Degradability” September 29, 11:15 AM Virtual (Zoom)
Michael Schulz, Virginia Tech “Interactive Materials for Environmental and Biological Applications" October 27, 11:15 AM In Person
Frank Leibfarth, University of North Carolina “Modern Approaches to Functional and Sustainable Thermoplastics” November 3, 11:15 AM In Person
Blake Johnson, Virginia Tech "High-throughput Characterization of Hydrogel Rheological Properties and Sol-Gel Phase Transitions" November 10, 11:15 AM In Person
LaShanda Korley, University of Delaware “Bio-inspired and Sustainable Design: Towards Functional Materials” December 1, 11:15 AM In Person