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Welcome to the Macromolecules Innovation Institute!

A university-wide research and education institute dedicated to fostering an interdisciplinary understanding of the macromolecular sciences and technologies.

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Solvay Seminar Series

February 1, 11:15 AM

"Advanced Energy Storage Solutions Incorporating a Rigid and Charged Double Helical Polyamide"

Lou Madsen 

March 22, 11:15 AM

"Exploring New Platforms and Methods for Soft Polymer Editing"

John Brantley
UT Knoxville

April 5, 11:15 AM

"Harnessing Hierarchical Structure-Properties via Processing and Annealing in Ultrafine Fibers and 3d Printing"

Jay Park
UMass Lowell

To view the full semester's schedule, click the link below!


Solvay Specialty Polymers Logo

MII appreciates the support of Solvay Specialty Polymers for making the Solvay Seminar Series possible.

Our Vision

Two people make adjustments to the arm of a 3D printer.

Model Research Institute

Molecules to Manufacturing Paradigm

Our faculty and students transcend traditional boundaries with use-inspired basic research, from molecules to advanced manufacturing.

Several faculty members and a graduate student sit around a table as they discuss research.


Interdisciplinary, Collaborative Research

Solving grand challenges on the global scale demand teamed discovery and innovation.

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Training the Next Generation

Future research leaders are trained in an interdisciplinary fashion with industrial partnerships, co-advising, and shared facilities. 

The Macromolecules Innovation Institute logo has the letters M I I in a maroon color, and a tagline that reads discovery at the nexus of minds and molecules.