Attend the MII Technical Conference, Nov. 4-6, 2019

Two female students explain their research to two male visitors. A third male student listens in. Behind the researchers are their posters against a yellow wall.

At the Intersection of

Science, Engineering, and Society

Upcoming Events

September 18

Solvay Seminar

Jacinta Conrad
(Univ. of Houston)
11:15 AM, Kelly Hall 310

September 25

Solvay Seminar

Rebekka Klausen
(Johns Hopkins University)
11:15 AM, Kelly Hall 310

October 2

Solvay Seminar

Michael Bartlett
(Iowa State University)
11:15 AM, Kelly Hall 310

November 4-6

MII Technical Conference

Our Vision

Danny Rau wears yellow safety glasses and blue gloves while peering into the DREAMS machine, a multi tool additive manufacturing custom built machine.

Model Research Institute

Molecules to Manufacturing Paradigm

Our faculty and students transcend traditional boundaries with use-inspired basic research, from molecules to advanced manufacturing.

Several faculty members and a graduate student sit around a table as they discuss research.


Transdisciplinary, Collaborative Research

Solving grand challenges on the global scale demand teamed discovery and innovation.

Tim Long watches as Emily Wilts works in the lab with a syringe in her hand.


Training the Next Generation

Future research leaders are trained in an interdisciplinary fashion with industrial partnerships, co-advising, and shared facilities.