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Expectations - Yours and Ours

What You Can Expect

You will be working with a faculty sponsor and at least one graduate student or post-doctoral mentor as you conduct your research. Your mentor will guide you on a day-to-day basis, but you should feel free to call on your faculty sponsor as required. You will receive as much guidance as you need as you prepare for your oral presentation and your final written report.

Your first payment will be available upon your arrival. You will receive your remaining stipend when the written report is delivered.

What We Expect

We want you to work intensely. The program orientation meeting will be on the first day of the program and you will be expected to attend this meeting. No exceptions are available on the dates. We will contact you in advance of the program and weekly throughout the program. A graduate student will be available to give daily guidance on methodology in your research, your research notebook, and the organization and presentation of your data.

Participants are required to attend weekly group meetings where career enhancing topics are presented.

An oral presentation of your research is required during a symposium which highlights your summer investigations.