POLY PMSE Summer Seminar Series_Final.pdf Schedule of summer seminars.
May Abstracts_POLY PMSE Summer Seminar Series.pdf Full abstracts for seminars.


POLY-co-PMSE is excited to share and invite you to two of our new seminar series. Attached are flyers for each of these events. 

Macromolecular Summer Seminar Series:
Thanks to joined interchapter efforts, the Macromolecular Summer Seminar series will feature 36 expert faculty speakers from universities across the nation! Presenter abstracts will be sent out monthly. 

This weekly series will begin on May 6th at 10 am with our very own Dr. Kevin Edgar from Virginia Tech and Professor Brent Sumerlin from the University of Florida.
This event is open to everyone, but requires registration: REGISTRATION LINK

Young Professionals and Alumni Series
This series will provide students with insight to the paths of chemists and materials scientists who have endured grad school and are now establishing, or have established their careers. This is also an excellent opportunity for students to form relationships and engage with successful professionals with diverse experiences and backgrounds. We welcome you to submit some inquiries so that we can streamline an "Ask-me-anything" panel following the speaker presentations. 

Our first seminar will feature Dr. Yifan Dong (Kevin Edgar Alumni) and Dr. Keren Zheng (Tim Long Alumni) on May 6th at 3-4 pm

This event is also open to everyone and requires registration.