This will be a free workshop for sharing bold research ideas, fostering collaboration across campus, and requesting help for solving unique research problems. This will be a student-led, student-only event.

About the Event

Thank you for your interest in the Innovation & Collaboration Roundtable! All MII-affiliated students working with polymers are welcome to attend. (An MII-affiliated student is any graduate student working in the research group of an MII-affiliated faculty member.)

The date and time for the event are as follows:

June 2nd, 2023 from 9:30 – 3 pm
GLC Meeting Room F

Students, please fill out the RSVP ( to register for this free event. 


If you are interested in presenting a research idea, collaboration pitch, or you want help answering a research question, please indicate as such on the RSVP form.

We ask that all presentations use the following basic slide template (7 content slides max, 10 minute max presentation time, including one slide about your research group):

Feel free to change the theme and look of the slides! We just ask that each presenter follow this general template to keep ourselves organized.

Spreading the word

Please share the flyer below with members of your research group, or colleagues in the polymer space!

We are looking forward to the ICR, and we hope you are too. Please reach out to the MACR Student Council ( with any questions!